“San Antonio de Pereira – Delight!.”

Food lovers have a space in Antioquia, it is San Antonio de Pereira, a village in the municipality of Río Negro where you can find everything from a succulent beef skewer to the most provocative desserts.

A village of 18 degrees of temperature; the main square is full of kiosks and tents that offer all kinds of sweets and there is even a small portable mill to get guarapo from sugar cane. But if there is something that has made this town famous, it is desserts. Few tourists pass through these lands without trying them.

San Antonio de Pereira is also known for its nightlife on the weekends, which attracts visitors and partygoers from across Rionegro (a municipality of Antioquia, which is also home to the international airport).

This will be definitely unforgettable trip for people who want to have a festive visit to San Nicolas valley!

The San Antonio de Pereira square is 2.94 km away from Hevilat.