Biblical Mentions

In one case, Hevilat is associated with the Garden of Eden, which is mentioned in the Book of Genesis (2: 10-15):

From this place of delights came a river to irrigate paradise, a river that divided into four branches from there.
One is called Fison, and it is the one that circulates throughout the country of Hevilat, where the gold is found: And the gold of that land is very fine: there is bdelium, and cornerina stone.
The name of the second river is Geon: this is the one that surrounds the entire land of Ethiopia.
The third river is called Tigris: it runs towards the Assyrians. And the fourth river is the Euphrates.
So the Lord God took man, and put him in a paradise of delights, to cultivate and keep.

A land mentioned in Genesis 2:11 rich in gold and bdellium and onyx stone

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